Hiking & Cycling

De Mankemerrie is the intersection of two LF52 and 53 routes and at the GR 128 (Flanders Route – West).

The long-distance cycle route LF 52 or “Guldensporenroute” has access to the port in Zeebrugge as a starting point and then runs broadly through the Uitkerkse and Meetkerkse Zeepolders. After crossing the Bruges-Ostend canal in Nieuwege, the route leaves the polder area and crosses the wooded and castle-strewn area to the west and south of Bruges.

The agricultural area between Zedelgem and Tielt is characterized by many remnants of forest areas. In Tielt you cross the pleasant center. The Poelberg beyond the city is the only noticeable obstacle on the entire route.

The yellow-blue lines continue their way through a quiet agricultural area, cross the Roeselare РLeie canal past Oostrozebeke and continue their way along the Leie. Although a region with a lot of industry must be traversed here, the passage along the banks of the Leie is not so bad. Kortrijk is the next city where the route passes through the center. The banks of the Leie or the Lee canal are alternately followed to reach Menen, Wervik and finally Armentières Рa French city with many Flemish relics.

Around Tielt the route has a common route with the LF 53 “Artevelderoute”, to cross the LF 39 “Flandriens route” in the center of Tielt itself. Finally, from Kortrijk to Menen there is a common route with the “Flanders Cycle Route”.

LF 53 (Artevelderoute) runs from Ghent / Latem / Deinze / Tielt / Torhout / Diksmuide / Veurne / De Panne (134 km)

On the Loesberg Bridge in Ghent, the LF 53 “Artevelderoute” starts its course to De Panne. Here it branches off from the LF 30 “Scheldt-Delta route” and the “Flanders Cycle route. The LF 53 runs right through the historic center of Ghent. Age-old buildings adorn this route that runs safely through the bustling heart of Arteveldestede. On our way to Deinze, we cycle through the artists’ villages of the Latem region, leaving an unforgettable impression with the castle of Ooidonk and the Leie, before crossing the West-Flemish Houtland towns of Tielt and Torhout. Handzamevallei and chooses its way through the polder towns of Diksmuide and Veurne Before we reach the sea we cross a large strip of dune area.

LF 39 (Flandrien route) passes 3 km from our guesthouse. LF 39 runs from Breskens (Nl) via Watervliet / Eeklo / Tielt / Ypres / Heuvelland to Watten (Fr) and Boulogne (Fr) (203 km)


But also the GR walking route 128 (the so-called Flanders route) has a junction at 200m from de Mankemerrie ***.

The GR128 runs straight through Belgium, from Kemmel (on the French border) via Zonnebeke / rumbeke / Tielt (Poelberg) / Deinze / Astene / Latem / Afsnee / Ghent / Destelbergen / Laarne and further on to Moorsel / Leuven / Tongeren to Voeren and Aachen . The route is 468 km long. The route actually starts in Wissant (France), and also runs a long way through French Flanders.