Tielt in the great war

Tielt was unintentionally assigned an important role in the First World War. Tielt acted as the headquarters of the Fourth German Army. From the city, the German occupier controlled the area west of the Scheldt, both civilian and military. In short, living in an occupied city was very difficult for the ordinary person from Tielt.

In the coach house of Huis Mulle de Terschueren (Ieperstraat 42) a brand new experience area ‘Tielt in the First World War’ has been set up that highlights the contrast between the ordinary people from Tiel and the German elite, as well as an interactive view of the daily life of Tielt in the First World War.

Guided city walk ‘Tielt in WW I’

At the beginning of April 1915, WWI was completely detained. The Germans needed a breakthrough and received help from the flourishing German chemical industry. He developed a chlorine gas that could send a stifling green cloud from the trenches to the enemy. The highest German supreme command convinced Duke Von Württemberg, who was the head of the Fourth Army in Tielt, to use the gas. The strategic discussions about this took place at Nieuwstraat 7.

During the First World War, the occupier redesigned this house into a “card cabinet,” where the leadership of the Fourth German Army determined its strategy. The city walk takes you past a number of typical stopping places of the Fourth German Army in the city center.

Rate: 60 euros for guided visit to the experience room, documentary film and guided city walk (2 hours).

‘Tielt in World War I’ experience room at Mulle de Terschueren House

The impact on the population and historical events, in particular the attack on Emperor Wilhelm II on 1 November 1914 (in Tielt) and the first gas attack on 22 April 1915, are shown in an interactive and multimedia manner.

Graphic prints with lots of photo material provide text and explanation. Blikvanger is a model with audio stories that offers a reconstruction of what Tielt looked like in 1914-1918. Two authentic historical objects are also exhibited. The dining table where the German Emperor Wilhelm II dined at, and a German plaster model that covers part of the front.

Film show ‘Thielt 1914-1918. Strategic height for dukes and princes’ + guided tour of the experience area + guided historical walk through memorable places through the city center (approx. 3 km).

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