Beer tasting at Brewery De Poes

The house brewery De Poes is located within walking distance of De Mankemerrie ***, at Tenhovestraat 1, 8700 Tielt.

The story of De Poes Brewery dates from 2012. Stijn David, who has been trained as a baker and dietician, decides to continue his passion for food – and for beer in particular. De Poes Brewery sees the light of day in 2014 and owes its name to the brewer’s favorite pet.

Quality guaranteed

De Poes Brewery guarantees high-quality, high-quality Belgian beers. For us, the quality of our end product is the most important thing. We achieve this by combining the craft of brewing and contemporary know-how. We choose raw materials from our own soil and the highest quality, which results in a beautiful and complex beer of high fermentation.

We use local malt and get our hops from the Poperinge fields. As a result, our beer proudly bears the ‘Belgian hop’ logo. These home-grown hops give the beer a pleasant bitterness and a fruity touch, among other things.

The brewery has six beers on offer.
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