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Cycling in and around Tielt

Tielt is located in the Bruges area of ​​Ommeland, but a stone’s throw from the Leie region. The Brugse Ommeland cycle network map lets you discover the region between Tielt and Bruges, and the Leistreek cycle network map takes you from Tielt to the Ghent region.

The Bruges Ommeland and the cycling loops towards Poeke / Nevele and Latem or towards the Flemish Ardennes (East Flanders) offer many possibilities. For the recreational cyclist there are beautiful trips up to 30 km available. From here, the experienced cyclist can perfectly cycle to the Flemish Ardennes, follow the art cities of Bruges and Ghent via low-traffic loops or simply explore the region around Tielt.

A bicycle network card is available at the Reception desk of the town hall or can be ordered online via the Westtoer website: www.fietsen-wandelen.be

More information:
Tourism and event services
Markt 13, 8700 Tielt (Belgium)
051 42 81 16


Some suggestions:

Cycle Tour Amusing Countryside

A Tielt agricultural bike tour in all its facets. Agriculture and the landscape: these are two starting points for this new cycle route. The landscape determines the type of agriculture, but agriculture also determines the landscape. Agriculture helps shape the identity of our city and countryside. And we are proud of that!

The routes are signposted separately based on four ‘Amusing Countryside’ colors.

AmusantPlatteland_fietskaart.pdf [4,4Mb]

To Bruges by bike!

Bruges can certainly tempt you to plan a bike ride from Tielt. Tough enough. You cycle through the beautiful green region of the Bruges Ommeland via Wingene / Hertsberge / Oostkamp along car-free roads. Starting from Mulle de Terschueren house (junction 46). Count on 65 km round trip.


De Mankemerrie*** has a number of bikes at your disposal. You can rent one via 051 46 50 56