Hiking, cycling, dining and discovering

De Mankemerrie offers you an oasis of peace in an agricultural protected area. Our holiday home is located at the junctions of countless cycling and walking routes.

The area around the Poelberg is a quiet area. The walking loop over the Poelberg runs along the Woestijnbosstraat, exactly on the ridge of the hill, barely 300 m from De Mankemerrie ***. The mill is 47 m above sea level and the area is slightly sloping. The miller is present on Sundays. He is only too happy to show how his stake mill works.

To the south you notice the Scheldt valley with the Flemish Ardennes on the horizon. The area invites to walk to the nearby Meikens forests, or to cycle to Poeke, Deurle and Latem. For the die hards, a tough trip to the Flemish Ardennes is certainly possible.

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